Reyes Hernández

Reyes Hernández Muñoz

Lawyer in Commercial Law Department

+34 91 561 51 01



Reyes joined us as a lawyer at the firm in 2005, when she began to undertake her duties in diverse legal spheres (civil, commercial, criminal and administrative) while handling judicial procedures both of a civil as well as criminal nature. In 2009, following the launch of the Commercial Law Division, she was added to this, where she is involved in all manner of matters pertaining to commercial, corporate, intellectual property, prevention of money laundering and data protection legal issues.

Since 2005 onwards, she has been a member of the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid.


Reyes is a Graduate in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid (1999).

She studies for the Civil Service entrance exams to become a Public Prosecutor (1999-2002) and in 2004 completed a master’s degree in Legal Assessment of Companies (MAJ) at the IE Business School.

She has furthered her educational training by attending several specialist courses on Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Prevention of Money Laundering and Urban Planning and Real Estate Law in centres of renowned prestige, such as the IE Business School and the Financial Studies Centre (Centro de Estudios Financieros).


Reyes uses Spanish, English and Italian as her working languages

She has authored numerous articles, amongst which particularly noteworthy are:

  • “Taxi/VTC. What is the real issue?”. Published in Agenda Pública ( 26 February 2019.
  • “Attack on Safe Harbor. Steadfast European offensive against US strength in the sphere of data protection.” Published in Diario Expansión, 26 October 2015 and Diario LA LEY 27 November 2015.
  • “New Regulations on Data Protection. A challenge for SMEs”. Published in La Tribuna del Derecho (on-line edition). 27 April 2008.

Furthermore, Reyes has steered and co-presented the radio programme entitled “The Weight of the Law” on the station Libertad FM in 2013.