Employment Law

Our Employment law department

Rivero & Gustafson’s Employment Law Team has extensive experience in advising companies in different commercial sectors, as well as managers and workers, both collectively and individually, in every specialist Employment Law and Social Security field.

We offer comprehensive and risk prevention advice, always analysing the structure and policy of the client’s employment relationships, to prevent possible risks and propose the most appropriate and practical solutions to the issues raised.


Among the practical specialisations of our employment team, we can highlight the following:

  • Continuing employment advice: We advise our clients in their day-to-day work and regarding all legal-employment issues that arise in the course of the company’s normal activity (salaries, holidays, unpaid leave, leave, expatriation of workers, disciplinary regime, corporate restructuring, etc.)
  • Strategic planning: Recruitment, amending and terminating contracts, restructuring processes and downsizing
  • Senior management: Drafting and negotiating Senior Management contracts considering the circumstances and aspects of each case, challenges to the termination of Senior Management contracts, as well as advising our client companies how to terminate this type of contract
  • Collective bargaining and agreements: Collective bargaining and continuous advice about extrajudicial collective processes, including the legal direction of all types of collective judicial proceedings. Crisis management. Relations with trade unions
  • Social security: retirement and social security benefits
  • Occupational risk prevention: Health and safety. Advice in cases of industrial accidents and challenging proceedings issued by the Labour Inspectorate before the same
  • Administrative procedures: Advice and defence during administrative proceedings. Proceedings before the Labour Inspectorate, employment compliance and employment policies
  • Employment litigation: Legal representation before extrajudicial and judicial instances in employment proceedings (both individual and collective), in any judicial instance.

Other services

Our services include, among others, covering those aspects of employment law related to business transactions, legal audits, or due diligence. For these issues we work closely with our colleagues from other departments of Rivero & Gustafson who have extensive experience in company restructuring, transfer and succession.

In addition, for a few years now, we have been offering advice on issues such as:

  • Workday recording protocols.
  • Equality Plans.
  • Implementing conciliation measures.
  • Bullying, sexual harassment, or discrimination in the workplace.

Also, following the pandemic, we are managing many cases related to Employment Regulation Files (EREs) and Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTEs).

Employment Law department team

Gema García Aragón

Gema García Aragón

Coordinator of Employment Law department

Eduardo Vaquero Carmona

Eduardo Vaquero Carmona

Lawyer in Employment Law department

Miguel Ángel González de Lara Jiménez

Miguel Ángel González de Lara Jiménez

Lawyer in Employment Law Department