Interview in the Iberian Report of the first quarter of the TTR magazine - Transactional Track Record, to Sebastián Rivero. April, 2016.

Gema García, our head of the Labour department, has been listed in the ranking for The Best Lawyers in Spain© in its 2015 edition, in the field of Labour and Employment Law, after being recommended by her fellow colleagues from the profession. february 16, 2015.

John Gustafson gave an address as a speaker at the Legal Symposium on Comparative Law, organisedby the Virginia State Bar Association. The Convention was held in Madrid, onNovember 7th, 2014 and was attended by specialist lawyers from many different areas of the Law. His address was based on Commercial Law in Spain. february 16, 2015.

"Entrepreneurs have always been a great client source for law firms like us". John Gustafson. Lawyerpress. May 12, 2014.

Interview of John R. Gustafson and Eliecer Pérez. Transactional Track Record. Quarterly report, Iberia, Q1. April, 2014.

John R. Gustafson comments on the Spanish M&A market. Gestiona Tu Dinero. April 10, 2014.

EL PESO DE LA LEY. With Reyes Calderón, author of “El Jurado Número 10”, winner of the IV edition of “Abogados de Novela”. 8 May 2013.

EL PESO DE LA LEY. With Juan Mª Diaz Fraile. 1 May 2013.

EL PESO DE LA LEY. With a debate regarding public protests ("escraches") and the right to a decent housing. 24 April 2013.

EL PESO DE LA LEY. Interview of Jordi Nieva Fenoll, University teacher of criminal law, regarding his book ," The doubt in a criminal lawsuit". Interview of Rosa Mijangos (Mijangos Abogados law firm), about mediation. 17 April 2013.

Interview of John Gustafson, Managing Partner of Rivero & Gustafson, by Borja Martínez-Echevarría, on the Gestiona Abogados radio program. April, 4, 2013.

Exclusive interview with John Gustafson, Managing Partner at Rivero & Gustafson.
Informativo Jurídico. October 2, 2012.

Exclusive interview with Sebastián Rivero Galán, Partner at Rivero & Gustafson.
Informativo Jurídico. October 9, 2012.

Exclusive interview with Eliecer Pérez, Partner at Rivero & Gustafson.
Informativo Jurídico. October 16, 2012.

Interview of Eliecer Pérez about the reform of the Insolvency Law. LawyerPress. January 2012.

John Gustafson and some lawyers from other law firms comment on the Spanish economic situation and on law firms in Spain. Legal Business Week. December 2011.

Reyes Hernández Muñoz talked about data protection in the radio programme Gestiona Abogados of Gestiona Radio (94.8 FM). May 20 and 27, 2010
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Towards the legal "belt and suspenders" approach. John Gustafson. Capital & Corporate newsletter. June 2008

New Regulation of Data Protection. A challenge for PYMES. Reyes Hernández Muñoz. Abril / Mayo 2008

“La Ley de Igualdad a examen: el reto del 40%” - Reyes Hernández – Vlex – 26 de abril de 2007